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Puradigm PRO™ & Stainless Steel Puradigm PRO™


Photocatalytic Puradigm ProThese surface & air purification devices are designed for a variety of industrial and commercial applications such as:
– Warehouses
– Production Facilities
– Large Office Spaces
– Hospitality
– Sports Facilites
– Food Production facilities & more.
They provide a safe and effective three-stage solution for the reduction of bacteria, viruses, moulds, fungi, mildew, and VOC’s (which cause odours).
Additionally, each Puradigm PRO™ features a pre-filter, a HEPA filter and two specially enhanced Photocatalytic Oxidation cells to flood the area with powerful and effective air and surface scrubbers.

Now available in Stainless Steel.

Puradigm COOL™

This surface & air purification device is engineered for use with ice machines and coolers to manage potentially harmful contaminants including E. coli, listeria, salmonella, noro-virus, as well as moulds and yeast.

Quick and easy to install and maintain for 24/7 operation in commercial facilities such as:

– Food Service & Restaurants

Puradigm COOL™ units provide significant cost savings due to less frequent cleaning of ice machines and less food spoilage in coolers.  Applications include walk-in coolers, ice machines, restaurants and commercial kitchens.

Now available in Stainless Steel.

Puradigm GROW™

Photocatalytic Puradigm FLOWThis surface & air purification device is designed to reduce potentially harmful microbes such as mould, fungus, mildew, VOC’s and other contaminants in indoor greenhouses, organic farms and other food processing facilities. These units can provide significant cost savings by reducing the need for chemical intervention and reducing post-harvest spoilage. Additionally, increased crop yield can greatly increase overall profitability.

Puradigm FLOW™

Photocatalytic Puradigm FLOWThis surface & air purification unit is designed and engineered as a mould and pathogen management system to dramatically reduce mould, mildew, fungus, VOC’s and a host of bacteria, viruses and other contaminants.

It is wall-mounted, plugs into a standard electrical outlet or can be directly wired, and operates silently. An easy and effective solution for:

  • Storage Facilities
  • Offices
  • Clinical Environments
  • Assisted living/nursing homes
  • Daycare & Nursery Schools
  • Hotels; as well as restaurant kitchens and more.

Puradigm HVAC™

Photocatalytic HVAC




This surface & air purification unit is designed to easily integrate with most existing heating & air conditioning systems. It actively distributes both advanced oxidisers and high-energy clusters into the air and onto surfaces, and is proven to significantly reduce bacteria, viruses, moulds, mildew, fungi, VOC’s (which cause odours) and other contaminants. It operates silently and is available in a variety of sizes depending on the facility requirements.

Extreme Microbial Technologies customises microbial-reducing solutions for a variety of industries and applications.