OLAF Multi-Purpose Anti-fog Sealing Film 190mm


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OLAF Multi-purpose Anti-fog Film

190mm Wide

2 Rolls x 500 metres

Heat-Sealed to APET / CPET Trays & can be used in both the microwave & conventional ovens where cooking is typically 220°C.

OLAF is a biaxially orientated polyester film with a heat-sealable coating incorporating anti-fog properties on one surface and plain polyester on the other.  The anti-fog properties minimise fogging during freezing, chilling & cooking and also improve clarity when ‘breathable’ products such as fresh vegetables are packed.

Key features:

  • Easy-open peelable seal and excellent anti-fog properties
  • Dual-ovenable over a wide temperature range
  • Self-venting during cooking for steam release


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