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Family Business Est. 1999

With over 30 years of experience in the dynamic world of Food & Drinks Packaging Machinery, George Freeman founded LPS Ltd in 1999, on his return from the USA where he had spent some time living there with his family as the Vice President of SASIB Beverage in the USA.  Daughter Nicola Cramond joined him in the Business, and what began as Supplier of Capital Equipment Machinery to the UK drink market, soon expanded into a thriving Food Packaging Division.

With the invaluable addition of Son-in-Law Alan Cramond in 2000 who’s role was to grow the UK Customer base for the Food Packaging Division, and then Daughter Louise Howe, who joined in 2003 after completing her studies at University,  LPS continued to expand and elevate the Business to new heights.

In 2009, we experienced the sad loss of George.   The Family continued the running of the Business, driven by honouring George’s legacy, & carrying forward his passion for Excellence. Our unwavering commitment to excellence fuelled our Business to grow and positioned the introduction of our Contract Packing Division in 2010, which in turn saw the addition of our Team Supervisor Billy, Team Lead Anna and Team of Quality Operator’s , who are the core of our Contract Packing Division.
In the Summer of 2023, LPS relocated to our new 15,000Sq Ft  Premises in Riverside Business Park in June 2023.  The new premises gives us a dedicated Quality Inspection area for our Quality Inspection Team and warehouse space to Store over 1000 Pallets.
January 2024 saw the Approval from HMRC to become a Bonded Excise Warehouse, which allows us to enhance our Services to our Customers as we continue our vision to Expand and Elevate LPS to new heights.

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