Dynac re-defines the role of Conveyors in High Efficiency Production Lines.  It brings dramatic improvements to line throughput and product volume while providing first-in/first-out, pressureless product handling and accumulation.

DYNAC has the unique ability to automatically expand its usable length as the line demands.  Frequent slowdowns and micro-stops that are inherent, can dramatically reduce throughput on the production line.


Hartness Dynac 6400

DYNAC first in first out pressureless system has the unique ability to automatically expand its usable length as the line demands. Frequent slowdowns and micro-stops that are inherent, in even the best designed lines, can dramatically reduce throughput. DYNAC virtually eliminates the effect of these occurrences, raising productivity by providing a constant and optimal product flow to line components.

Hartness Dynac 7100

The Hartness Mass Flow 7100 DYNAC provides a much needed alternative to traditional high pressure accumulation systems. The system is similar in proportion to conventional accumulation tables, but offers the unique DYNAC sensitivity to changes in product flow. The DYNAC 7100 operation creates a  pressure-free, first-in/first-out environment that always ensures superior product handling.

Hartness Dynac 6900

The Model 6900 is a single-file DYNAC FIFO accumulation and buffering conveyor that responds dynamically to the conditions of the line. It provides pressure-less product handling, as well as unique line balancing characteristics for a variety of rigid and flexible container types. The 6900’s circular spiral configuration enables the implementation of Hartness’ industry-leading, DYNAC-centric line concept, which eliminates complicated controls and allows for close coupling of machine centers. This close coupling leads to a smaller line footprint that requires fewer operators and less consumption of utilities than traditional line designs. The 6900 is exceptionally versatile, handling a wide range of product and packaging shapes, sizes, formats, weights and materials at higher speeds.