New BENCHDELUXE Labelling Machine..

High throughput, high production with guaranteed label accuracy. This versatile industrial machine will reduce your double handling by at least 3 times.

A reliable ‘On Demand’ labelling solution that will not let you down in your most critical times. You can use any type of label on any round container. Straight out of the box you can be labelling within 4 minutes on any product.
The BenchDELUXE Labelling Machine will reduce your labour cost and also the expense of wasted labels. The BenchDELUXE Labelling Machine can save 15 – 20 meters of wasted labels every day.

The BenchDELUXE has the capacity to label products in millions while having the flexibility to meet short run packaging needs.

With a 5 year warranty you can be assured that it will not break down in your most critical production times.



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